How Do I Schedule

Various ways available to get procedure scheduled:

  1. Office Visit- You have an appointment with the physician and it is ordered at that time. This is usually done when patients are experiencing other health related problems.
  2. Triage- Patient comes in through our triage nurse and they are identified as a patient needing an EGD or Colonoscopy.
  3. Outside Referrals- A patient is referred by their primary physician for a diagnostic test. A written order will accompany the patient or be faxed to our office prior to the scheduled procedure.
  4. Open Access- Patient calls in and requests a Colonoscopy. An interview will be done over the phone to assess whether the patient needs to be seen by a physician before a procedure is ordered. This method is reserved for patients who are in good general health and are in need of a screening colonoscopy. This is not intended for patients who have multiple health issues. This is easy for patients and does not require a pre-procedure office visit.